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Staber Washer/Extractor

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    The Staber Washer/Extractor is the most efficient washer available based on energy, water, and detergent usage. This unit offers a brushed stainless steel outer cabinet as well as a stainless steel base. The control panel decal has a brushed stainless appearance with black knobs.

    Reasons why the the Staber Washer/Extractor is the best choice in protecting your fire turnout gear and replacing inefficient washers: 

    • NFPA compliant
    • Does not cause damage to PPE
    • Wash cycles are NFPA compliant
    • No agitator; gentle on PPE for less wear and tear
    • Stainless steel inner and outer tubs for greater durability
    • Patented tub design forces water through items for a better clean.
    • Can wash 1 set of turnout gear per load
    • Easy soft-mount installation.
    • Saves 66% water, 50% energy, and 75% detergent compared to traditional agitator washers
    • Top loading convenience.
    • Heavy-duty four strut suspension to prevent "walking"
    • Two bearings per shaft, supported on front and back
    • No transmission to worry about
    • No lower seals; eliminates future leaking problems. 
    • Automatic detergent/bleach and softener dispenser, along with easy hook-up for external soap injection (if needed). 

    Features / Specifications

    • Exclusive patented hexagonal inner tub design. It is located inside a stationary octagonal outer tub that creates passive pumping to effectively clean turnout gear
    • Stainless steel cabinet, base, basket and tub
    • Dual-sealed roller bearings
    • Front serviceable
    • Only 12-16 gallons of water and no more than an ounce of soap per load!
    • Motor: Brushless, variable speed reversible DC.
    • Agitation: Bi-directional, no agitator, passive pumping action
    • Spin Cycles (NFPA Complaint): 
      • Fastest Speed: 560 RPM / 97.8 G-Force.
      • Slowest Speed: 525 RPM / 85.9 G-Force.
    • 120V, 60hz 15Amp Breaker / Fuse branch per washer - maximum current draw X Amps.
    • Water Usage: Controls the amount of water entering the extractor during each fill. Use the High setting for all normal loads containing a fully or loosely packed tub. Use the Low setting for loads containing only a few garments
    • Dimensions: 27" W x 26" D x 42" H (with lid open height will be 55")
    • Weight: 190 lbs (net weight)  / 255 lbs (shipping weight)

    Energy Efficiency Information 

    Capacity (cu. ft)Power Use (Kwh/cycle)Water use (gallons/cycle)Water FactorEnergy Factor      (Per J1)Remaining Moisture Content (RMC %)Modified Energy Factor (MEF)
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    Staber Washer/Extractor