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FireRein Eco-Rinse

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    Eco-Rinse™ is an environmentally benign rinse aid designed to flush equipment and vessels used to deploy Eco-Gel™. Eco-Rinse™ allows end users to quickly and effectively clean equipment, pumps and nozzles.

    • Flushes old gel and foam concentrates from proportioning systems when transitioning to Eco-Gel™
    • Keeps pumps, valves, eductors and proportioning systems clean and free of contamination

    To use Eco-Rinse™:

    • Switch the inlet source of your proportioning equipment from Eco-Gel™ to Eco-Rinse™
    • Flush your proportioner, water lines and pumps with clean water until the water runs clear
    • Pump 1-2 litres of Eco-Rinse™ through the proportioning equipment to remove any residual Eco-Gel™
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    FireRein Eco-Rinse