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Scotty 0.75" Hose Winder

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    The Hose Winder is a simple and effective device developed to recover 50' lengths of hose from the fire scene, stripping off mud, squeezing out water and forming the hose quickly into a neat compact roll, making hose delivery and round up a time-saving and efficient process. The Scotty Hose Winder is manufactured from glass-reinforced nylon and stainless steel.


    Step 1. Lay the hose on the ground and remove any twists.

    Step 2. Separate the Reel Disc (A) from the Hand-grip/Hose Gate (B) portion of the winder by grasping the reel handle (E) and pulling on the Release Trigger (D).

    Step 3. To secure the finished, wound hose with a rubber band, stretch a heavy duty rubber band around the diameter of the reel. Two notches are provided on the edge of the disc to help position the rubber band.

    Step 4. Open the Hose Gate on the Hand-grip/Gate portion by first pulling the Lock Bar (C) up and then swinging it over at least 90 to allow access for the hose (If the lock bar is too tight to swing out, use a Phillips screw driver to slightly loosen the bolt holding the lock bar in place).

    Step 5. Snap the male end of the hose between the small clip and the center post on the inside of the reel.

    Step 6. Clip the two winder halves back together. Be sure not to allow any twisting, slip the hose into the open gate and swing the lock bar back into place over the hose.

    Step 7. Use the reel handle (E) to wind the hose onto the reel. Wind the hose as tight as needed. If there are any twists in the hose, stop and untwist them before continuing.

    Step 8. To remove the wound hose, invert the winder so the reel is on the underside, unlock the hose gate, pull the release trigger and separate the two halves. Secure the free end of the hose by pulling the rubber band off the reel and around the hose. Remove hose from reel.

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    Scotty 0.75" Hose Winder