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TFT Smooth Bore Tips (Short) 38mm NPSH for Flip Tip

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Engineered with a smooth, tapered waterway, TFT's smooth bore tips provide the stream quality, reach, and penetration that you have come to expect from a traditional smooth bore. Engineered for performance and durability, all smooth bore tips are manufactured from aluminum alloy which is then hard coat anodized, the critical orifice of the smooth bore is recessed 1/8'' back into the taper, and an aluminum bumper machined around the outside of that same edge to prevent damage to the critical orifice edge. The smooth bore size and easy to read pressure/flow chart is laser engraved on each smooth bore tip to identify which smooth bore will meet your tactical needs on the fire ground. 

  • All smooth bores tips will come with 38mm (1.5") NPSH threads (other threads are available upon request).
  • The "Short" style smooth bore tips will work on all TFT nozzles, but are most commonly used with the TFT FlipTip.
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TFT Smooth Bore Tips (Short) 38mm NPSH for Flip Tip