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TFT SHO-FLOW 2 Bluetooth Flow Meter - 65mm (2.5")
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The SHO-FLOW® 2 Bluetooth® is a water flow meter that is designed for installation in between any two lengths of hose with 2.5” (65 mm) couplings. Two models are available depending upon desired flow rates. Any firefighting, training, or testing operation that utilizes hose lines or nozzles is an application for a SHO-FLOW 2 Bluetooth flow meter.

Connect the SHO-FLOW Bluetooth to obtain readings of your flow rate and the total amount of water flowed. The totalizing function is handy for incident reporting, tracking water usage in billable areas, and understanding total flows as a part of firefighter training. Since flow readings are transmitted to a linked smart device, the unit is extraordinarily rugged and convenient. There is no worry about display screens being damaged in extreme fire service use and you don't need to be next to the unit to obtain flow information.

The SHO-FLOW 2 Bluetooth has no wires to connect, and no batteries are needed. The flow meter generates its own power using an unobstructed water driven turbine, with a built-in stream straightener, that easily passes debris up to 1.7" (43 mm) in diameter. Starting at a minimum flow rate, the turbine self generates power needed to supply a Bluetooth connection to any smart device that displays the flow rate in real time. The flow rate is user specified in GPM, LPM, GPS, or LPS.

The SHO-FLOW Bluetooth App is available to download for free through Apple or Android app stores. 

  • Full Flow Range:
    • 100 to 500 GPM (400 to 2,000 LPM)  /  1.7 to 8.3 GPS (6.7 to 33.3 LPS) 
    • 500 to 1,250 GPM (2,000 to 5,000 LPM)  /  8.3 to 20.8 GPS (31.6 to 75 LPS)
  • Know your water flow application rate with a +/- 2.5% accuracy.
  • Max. operating pressure: 300 PSI (21 BAR).
  • Use on any hose line with the appropriate 65mm (2.5") couplings.
  • Bluetooth connection uses a unique SHO-FLOW ID.
  • Set your flow reading for GPM, LPM, GPS, or LPS.
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TFT SHO-FLOW 2 Bluetooth Flow Meter - 65mm (2.5")