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Scotty Foam Fast

c/w foam fast, 1.5" NPSH Nozzle, Mixer & PG Shut-Off

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Scotty Foam Fast is a simple and effective method of deploying a foam surfactant/wetting agent onto a fire scene with a 1.5" fire hose. To operate, open the inlet side of the mixing chamber, insert a single 12" long foam cartridge, reseal the inlet end cap, attach to a hose, open the pistol grip shut-off and spray foam. The Foam Fast will flow water at a rate of 50 gpm (190 lpm) when attached to a standard 1.5" fire hose line. The Foam Fast is recommended for use with water pressures between 75 psi and 125 psi (max.150 psi). Each Foam Fast unit comes with a 50 gpm nozzle, 15" long mixing chamber, and two pistol grips (one with D-Handle Shut-Off). The Scotty Foam Cartridges are biodegradable and are available separately. 15 gpm or 30 gpm versions, for lower water flow systems, are also available.

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Scotty Foam Fast