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BlitzFire Oscillator Only 65mm BAT


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Adding on to the Blitzfire’s amazing performance as a lightweight portable monitor, the high elevation feature allows overhead firefighting operations.

  • Good for Municipal fire departments―it allows an unmanned attack on the interior ceiling/attic space of a larger warehouse, church, custom home, etc.
  • Great for industrial fire brigades―you can position it to an upward 90 degree angle to attack, confine, and/or extinguish fire in overhead piping, attacking fire at high elevations such as a storage tank, and has the ability to go as low as 10 degrees to effectively contain a flange fire
  • Integral slide valve for total turbulence free flow control
  • Six detent positions allow for manned or unmanned use
  • TFT's unique safety shut-off valve senses movement of the unit and quickly and safely shuts off the flow. The valve's unique shut down design prevents water hammer.
  • Flow range up to 500 gpm (2,000 lpm)
  • The Blitzfire's low elevation angle allows for close to the ground operations.
  • Elevation is manually adjustable between 10 to 86 degrees above horizontal, 20 degrees left and right of center
  • Easily deployed as an interior attack line, or by limited personnel in exterior offensive or defensive operations
  • Rear inlet swivels to allow for different hose sizes as well as use in above or below level operations.
  • Integrated stream straightener
  • Carbide tipped spikes for increased stability
  • Retractable legs allow for compact mounting on apparatus and for quick deployment during use
  • Anchor strap is included for safe operation on slick surfaces like marble floors
  • Hardcoat anodized aluminum with a blue TFT powder coat finish inside and out
  • Stowed size: 29.5"l x 8.1"w x 8.5"h (75cm x 21cm x 21.6cm)
  • Weighs 27lbs. (12kg)
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BlitzFire Oscillator Only 65mm BAT

Not Available For Sale