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Pike Pole Hook System (14ft w/ 4 heads)


Comes with two 7ft pike poles that can be joined to make 14ft and 4 heads (sheet rock/dry wall head, trash hook head, national hook head, and ram knob)

    This combination does not exist.

    Hand Tools

    Fire Hooks has developed this system for fire apparatus with limited space.

    It consists of 4 Types of Hook heads, joining 2 Sections of handles. Using Stainless steel male and female threaded connections. They join the units to form a functional use of various heads and workable heights.

    The first section is 4ft making up a normal  operating six foot length by joining the head and adding the ram knob.

    The second section is attached by removing the ram knob and attaching a 1.5" 2.5ft handle, making the overall length approximately 9ft+.

    Using the bottom section with any hook head, you now have a short overhaul tool.

    No long tubes or spacious compartments needed.

    Comes with:

    • All purpose head
    • Sheet Rock/Drywall head
    • Trash Hook head
    • National Hook head
    • Ram Knob
    • 6ft pole
    • 4ft pole
    Product Image
    Pike Pole Hook System (14ft w/ 4 heads)