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Inflation Hose for 12 bar (174psi) Vega Air Lifting Bags - High-Pressure Sava

High-Pressure Vega Lifting Air Bags - Flat Bags 12 Bar (174 PSI) - Sava


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High-pressure lifting bags are used for lifting the heaviest loads. High-pressure lifting bags exert maximum force in a concentrated area, making them ideal when lifting rigid structures in tight places. Their unique structure also allows use in load shifting, heavy truck or aircraft recovery and different moving situations.

This product is only the air bag - 10 Bar (145 psi). See the connection details below and the related products to complete the set up required

* What is unique about the Savatech Flat bags is that they start out flat and remain flat even when fully inflated (flat working surface). With the Savatech lifting bags at full inflation height, only the sides curl. The bag doesn’t crown as conventional high-pressure lifting bags do.*

Hook-up/Connection details:

  1. Connect SCBA bottle to regulator
  2. Connect high pressure hose to regulator
  3. Connect other end of high pressure hose to controller
  4. Connect low pressure hoses between controller and bags

* Also available in 8 Bar (116 psi) upon request

Technical Data

ModelLengthWidthHeightWeightAir RequirementMax. Lifting CapacityMax. Lifting HeightMax. Lifting Capacity at Max. Lifting Height
SFB-H 8/17
55 cm (22")55 cm (22")2.5 cm (1")7.4 kg (16 lbs)9.9 cu ft29 tons17 cm (6.7")8.9 tons
SFB-H 12/17
61 cm  (24")61 cm (24")2.5 cm (1")9.2 kg (20 lbs)15.5 cu ft34.7 tons17 cm (6.7")13.1 tons
SFB-H 25/17
78 cm (31")78 cm (31")2.5 cm (1")14.5 kg (32 lbs)23 cu ft61.3 tons17 cm (6.7")27.8 tons
SFB-H 42/17
91.5 cm (36")91.5 cm (36")2.5 cm (1")20.6 kg (45 lbs)35.8 cu ft88 tons17 cm (6.7")45.8 tons
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High-Pressure Vega Lifting Air Bags - Flat Bags 12 Bar (174 PSI) - Sava

Not Available For Sale