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FireBozz Magnum - Mobile Water System
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Firebozz® is a rapid-deploy water-sprinkler-like cannon for fighting fires at reduced cost and increased safety while conserving water.

Create an instant fire break — the smallest person-packable water sprinkler shooting the furthest distance - from 100 - 300 feet radius with a full 360-degree traverse. It can be connected with other FireBozz® units to create rapid and expanded firebreak capability. Weighing 50 lbs the FireBozz® can be carried and deployed in less than a minute.


  • Quick and easy setup on any terrain
  • Compatible with foam or retardants
  • Tough, welded stainless and aluminum construction
  • Multi-purpose water dispersal perfect for emergency response, municipal works, and resorts
  • Easy setup and walk-away features allow operators to get out of harm’s way
  • Broken stream allows maximum conservation of water resources
  • Loads the air with a protective misting envelope to raise relative humidity values over a wide area
  • Multi-unit connection creates a quick, robust, and extremely large wet-line


  • Up to 300’ (92m) in diameter protection
  • 37 – 110 gpm (140 – 416 lpm)
  • Nozzle Head Size: .4”, .5”, and .6” (10, 12.7, 15 mm)
  • Inlet/Outlet: 1.5” or 2.5” NPT (40 and 65 mm) thread size for quick adaption to almost any fire or industrial hose.
  • 50 lbs for 1.5” model, 60 lbs for 2.5” model (22 kg & 28 kg)
  • Storage Dimension: 42"l x 21"h x 11.5"w (104cm x 53.5cm x 29.2 cm)  L x H x W

How FireBozz Works

Fire can only spread through heat. Remove heat - remove the fire. Cool the fuels and ignition cannot start. FireBozz® units do this in two ways.

  1. Projection of water over a massive area
  2. Injection of vapour into the atmosphere to create a humidity bubble

A massive protective area can be established easily and much more rapidly than with traditional sprinkler systems. The FireBozz® rapid deploy system allows a high degree of confidence for your home, livelihood, and industry to be protected. 

 FireBozz Vapour Dome Diagram

Set Up

 FireBozz Set Up Diagram


.4" Nozzle Flow Chart
.5" Nozzle Flow Chart
.6" Nozzle Flow Chart
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FireBozz Magnum - Mobile Water System