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Tower-Tek Rescue Solution Kit - PMI

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    PMI®’s Tower-Tek Rescue Solution is a tried and true, “plug-and-play” rescue solution designed and built to meet the demanding rescue needs of tower workers. Whether you need to perform self-rescue, tower-based coworker rescue, ground based coworker rescue or a pickoff rescue, the Tower-Tek gets the job done. Using ANSI compliant components, the Tower-Tek stresses a common sense approach to the complicated problem of tower rescue. As with any life safety or rescue equipment, proper training and documented refresher training on the PMI Tower-Tek Rescue Solution is strongly recommended.

    System Features:

    • 11 mm PMI® Extreme Pro Rope (25m, 100m or 122m)
    • 1 – 1m PMI® Wire Rope Sling
    • 1 – heightec® Hurricane Pro™
    • 1 – PMI® D4 by ISC
    • 1 – 2” SMC/RA Stainless Steel Pulley
    • 1 – Casualty Attachment Sling
    • 5 – SMC FP Lite Alloy Carabiners
    • 1 – Pair of Rescue Shears
    • 1 – Carrying Bag
    Product Image
    Tower-Tek Rescue Solution Kit - PMI