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Zico SURE-GRIP Tool Mount

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    The Zico SURE-GRIP tool mount is the next generation in tool mounting. Dependable and quick with tighter, stronger retention while also providing a smaller compartment footprint.


    • DEPENDABLE - Utilizes the popular time-tested, all-weather hook & loop straps that have reliably retained your tools and equipment for over 20 years. Base is made with high-tensile strength plastic for years of dependable use.
    • MORE PRECISE GRIP RANGE - Unlike other mounts, there is no peg that must fit into a predetermined series of slots to secure. The SURE-GRIP gives you a tighter, more "true" grip on every tool, no matter the handle shape
    • FASTER TO SECURE AND FASTER TO RETRIEVE - Quickly loosen the strap and pull the tool out, it's that simple. SURE-GRIP is easier to use with gloves as there is no need to squeeze your gloved fingers around tiny pegs in order to free the tool. 
    • TIGHTER, STRONGER RETENTION - The flexible 1.5" wide nylon straps provide more gripping surface area than 5/8" rubber straps. Tension is applied by pulling away from the mount, not towards, giving you more leverage and allowing you to apply more of your strength when securing. 
    • LESS AREA NEEDED FOR MOUNTING - The straps on other mounts extend 2.5'' past the bracket base while ours does not, allowing you to fit more equipment.
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    Zico SURE-GRIP Tool Mount