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WPS Leak Control Kit


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    Health and Safety

    The WPS leak control kit consists of wedges, putty and "stop-it" pipe repair tape to help combat multiple forms of leaks.

    Kit Components:

    • (1) 2'' x 4ft "Stop-It" pipe repair tape
    • (1) 2'' x 12ft "Stop-It" pipe repair tape
    • (1) 4'' x 12ft "Stop-It" pipe repair tape
    • (2) 8'' x 8'' Plug N' Dike plug rug
    • (3) 1lb container of Plug N' Dike pre-mix
    • (5) Fix Stix epoxy repair putty
    • (1) Lead wool package
    • (1) Roll of hot/cold hose tape
    • (2) 9-piece wooden wedge/dowel plug kit   

    • (1) Rubber mallet
    • (1) Toolbox carry case 


    • "Stop-It" pipe repair tape - Fiberglass tape coated with polyurethane resin activated when immersed in water. Use the tape by wrapping it around the pipe where it is leaking. It can be applied to straight runs, T's, elbows and some small flange leaks when used withe the epoxy sticks.

    • Fix Stix epoxy repair putty - Use the Fix Stix by kneading them until they are a uniform color, and apply. They will work on cracks and small holes as well as wet, flat or curved surfaces. Common uses include pipes, flanges, elbows, and T's.  

    • Lead wool - Use the lead wool to repair stress fractures in tanks and welds. It can also be used on pipe connections where the threads meets the T's, elbows and flanges.

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    WPS Leak Control Kit