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Fresh Gear Cleaner - 1 gallon container - Case of 4


    This combination does not exist.


    Please follow Fresh Gear directions for dilution ratio on the product label. In 32 oz. containers pour 1/2 oz. into the bottle to achieve 2 oz. per gallon dilution ratio. You can also mix a gallon of water with 2 oz. of Fresh Gear and pour that solution into the container. Note the shelf life of the mixed solution is the same as the concentrate (One year from date of manufacture, which is very close to the ship date). Please follow safety precautions when handling the concentrated product – wear gloves and safety glasses. Recommended Contact time is 10 minutes for all virus and bacteria listed on the label. We recommend rinsing the solution off of mask surfaces after the 10 minute disinfection process.

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    Fresh Gear Cleaner - 1 gallon container - Case of 4