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Citrosqueeze Turnout Gear Cleaner/detergent

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CITROSQUEEZE® is specially formulated from biodegradable, environmentally safe ingredients to remove harmful and stubborn hydrocarbons resulting from fires and chemical spills. Unlike other manufacturers, our product Citrosqueeze is a one stop shop for cleaning gear except for dried on tar. We at Toro Sales Inc. realize there are hundreds of cleaners in the market place today.

Some are very acidic or very alkaline, but do they do not have the approvals that Citrosqueeze has. Some cleaners are powders which may get caught in between the weave. In time some of these undissolved powders can get caught between the weave of the shell, therefore making the gear less waterproof. Citrosqueeze has no powder in its formula and it is only a pH of 8.5. From our testimonials, the user states that after cleaning the gear, it smells so nice. This is because of the natural ingredients that are part of the formulation.

Citrosqueeze will clean diesel contaminated clothing. In order to get the diesel off, the gear should be soaked for up to 1 hour. It should be soaked in a container, such as a plastic garbage container or 55 gallon plastic drum. The dilution rate should be 1 part Citrosqueeze and 8 or 10 parts water. One gallon of Citrosqueeze to 8 or 10 gallons of water. Once the gear has been cleaned, wring the gear over the container, put the gear in the washer extractor, do not put additional Citrosqueeze into the washer as there is enough left on the gear.

Citrosqueeze will clean fresh tar and fresh paint from turnout gear and will also clean all clothing contaminated with hydrocarbons.

Did you know...In extreme instances where garment is heavily soiled, such as in a training institution, Citrosqueeze may extend garment life by an average of 14 months.

Toro Citrosqueeze Turnout Gear Cleaner is specially formulated from biodegradable, environmentally safe ingredients to remove harmful and stubborn residue resulting from fires and chemical spills.

Reasons to Clean Gear:

  • Soiled turnout gear reflects less radiant heat.
  • Hydrocarbon saturated gear tends to absorb rather than reflect heat from the surrounding fire.
  • Heavy contaminated gear is more likely to conduct electricity, endangering personnel near live wires.
  • Gear impregnated with oil, grease, soot and smoke CAN IGNITE! Severe burns can result, even if your gear is flame resistant.
  • Consistent cleaning with Citrosqueeze may increase the life of the gear up to 14 months.
  • When using Citrosqueeze you do not have to have other cleaners as some companies suggest, Citrosqueeze will take off all the soils except where you have dried on tar. In order to get dried on tar off, because it is a petroleum product, you would have to use a petroleum based product like mineral spirits.

Cleaning Instructions:

When you are cleaning gear at the hall, there are 2 ways:

1. Soak tank. This could be an empty 55 gallon plastic drum. Make sure there is a lid so the product doesn't evaporate. If for example you use a 55 gallon drum, put in 3 gallons of Citrosqueeze®, then fill it 4/5 with water. Put the shells in the solution and let them soak for up to 20 minutes (depending on what type of soils are on the gear). If there are persistent stains on the gear use a soft bristle brush on the stain. You could also brush the stain before putting it in the solution. When you have finished the soak, squeeze the gear over the soak tank, then proceed to put the gear into the washer. When putting the gear in the washer, do not add any more Citrosqueeze® to the wash, as there is enough in the gear to give a proper clean. Also rinse the gear well. Because you have squeezed the gear into the soak tank, it does not mean you have dispose of it. The contents may be used many times before disposal. Once the contents of the soak tank have become expended, dispose as per city's environmental regulations.

2. Washing Machine. The other way to clean the gear is just using the washing machine. If there are persistent stains on the gear, again, use a soft bristle brush and get the stain off. If you have a top loading machine use approximately 20 ounces per gear.

If you are using a washer/extractor, front loading machine the Citrosqueeze® can be metered in as per operators manual. These machines can be programmed to soak the gear. The temperature for the wash should not be more than 105°F. When washing cycle is over, rinse well. When all cycles are over, dry as per manufacturers instructions.

When washing the liners, I would suggest you wash them separately with another detergent. The reason for this is not because Citrosqueeze won't clean them, it's because the liners soak up so much of the Citrosqueeze®, but if you want your gear to smell nice and fresh, use the Citrosqueeze®.

Citrosqueeze® can also be used in the maintenance shop to clean hoses, firemen's boots, tools, helmets, clean oil spills in the fire hall. When cleaning plastic, such as face masks or B.A. equipment, test these materials first. The product is approved to clean Kevlar, so can also be used to clean body armour.

Citrosqueeze Turnout Gear Cleaner for hand washing: Prepare soak tank with Citrosqueeze dilute 1:5 with water. Turnout gear may be left in tank for as long as necessary to degrease the gear. When brought out of tanks, scrub lightly any persistent stains, squeeze out gear and thoroughly rinse, then hang to dry. If washer is available, (pre-soak according to previous instructions) put gear into washer (add no Citrosqueeze) and use wash and rinse cycle. Recommended rate of Citrosqueeze added to washer if not presoaked is 20 oz. Citrosqueeze per hundred weight of turnout gear at 105°F. Once all cycles are completed, hang to dry or as per manufacturers instructions.

Citrosqueeze Turnout Gear Cleaner may be used to clean oil spills on tarmac areas or hall floors. It may be used to clean hoses and other equipment soiled from fires. It may also be used to clean carpets at a dilution rate of 1:10. The product can be practically used for cleaning in all areas of a fire hall.

Some key points about Citrosqueeze:

  • Will rejuvenate leather such as belts, suspenders, gloves and knee patches where other cleaners may not.
  • May affect some plastics and synthetics, pre-testing is recommended beforehand.
  • Approved by Dupont and Southern Mills for NOMEX Kevlar/PBI Fabrics.

Directions for Use

Hand washing (Shells only): Prepare a soak tank with Citrosqueeze diluted 1:10 with water. Turnout gear may be left in tank for as long as necessary to degrease gear.

To remove persistent stains, scrub lightly, wring out gear an rinse thoroughly; then hang to dry.

Machine Washing (Shells only): For best results, pre-soak according to hand washing instructions, then put gear through usual wash/rinse cycle. If pre-soaking is not practical, add 20 - 24 ounces of Citrosqueeze per 100 lbs of gear. Wash and rinse at 105°F, then dry as per manufacturers instructions. Rinse gear thoroughly.

Rinse Liners separately.

For Use in TFT DECON/pak: The recommended mix ratio is 1:4 (One part CitroSqueeze®: Four parts water).

First Aid Instructions

Contact with eyes: Flush eyes thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. Contact a physician if irritation persists.

Contact with skin: Wash affected area with soap and water

Inhalation: Remove victim to fresh air. Apply artificial respiration if breathing has stopped.

Ingestion: DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Give victim 2 glasses of cold water. Contact a physician immediately. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

Handling and Storage Instructions

Keep container closed while not in use.Keep from freezing.

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Citrosqueeze Turnout Gear Cleaner/detergent