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RollNRack Power Roller XL

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    The industrial grade RollNRack Power Roller XL is a portable fire hose roller that self-propels around curves and down the length of a hose. With the Power Roller XL you can load LDH from 6" to 7-1/4".  Ultimate safety is achieved as the Power Roller XL complies with the NFPA-1500 standard on occupational safety and health for loading LDH - protecting firefighters while using fewer of them for the task.

    Drain & Roll a 7-1/4" LDH length in 35 seconds!


    • Self-propelled, quiet operation.
    • All Terrain (traverses pavement, gravel, dirt and grass). 
    • Capacity - 200 ft length.
    • Comes with (1) 6"-7-1/4" Storz coupling jaw set, (1) battery pack & (1) charger
    • Integrated, removable drain attachment lifts up & out of the way for safe hose roll removal.
    • High-torque, maintenance-free motor/gearbox.
    • Brush whisks gravel/grass off the bottom of the hose.
    • Drains & rolls 4,000-5,000 ft of LDH on a full charge (dependent on weather conditions, terrain, water in the line and battery charge level). 
    • 24-volt lead acid battery pack (no memory) - leave on unit, or easily removable with out tools.
    • 16" rear tires, 10" swivel tire. 
    • Heavy-duty, welded, aluminum body, stainless steel hardware.
    • Portable-185 lb base (total weight with battery & charger: 214 lbs)
    • Dimensions: 64" L x 43" W x 36" H 
    • *Use on 5" Storz or smaller sized hose with the XL coupling jaw extension set and specific coupling jaws.

    *If you require smaller sized hose to be drained/rolled you can purchase the "XL Coupling Jaw Extension Set". This extension set gives you the ability to switch out coupling jaws if you need to drain/roll a smaller sized hose. Please note that you will also need the specific coupling jaws for what ever hose size you are draining/rolling.

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    RollNRack Power Roller XL