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Mercedes Forestry Bush/Backpack

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    These portable pump tank makes galvanized steel models obsolete. Unlike other plastic units, it is fabricated of thick walled polyethylene plastic, making it rugged and virtually indestructible. Other tanks are made for either left or right handed users but the Poly Back-Packs are made for both. As well, these pumps incorporate "Lubeport" a revolutionary new design which allows you to lubricate the unit without having to take it apart.

    • Thick walled polyethylene plastic tank is thicker and uniform--will take rough handling and harsh environments.
    • "Non Slosh" rounded design keeps the unit comfortable, balanced and steady.
    • Unit is completely corrosion resistant--will not rust like galvanized steel models and is less expensive than stainless steel tanks.
    • The large diameter filler neck is equipped with a replaceable flexible plastic mesh strainer and closed off by a friction fit, very leak resistant rubber cap with built in one way breather
    • Weather resistant rubber filler cap
    • Design allows the unit to be used by the right or left hand.
    • Adjustable 2" (51mm) nylon shoulder straps with chrome snaps are rugged and comfortable
    • Pump hose connection swivels with 90 degree-hand-pump hose connection that keeps space requirement to a minimum when transporting
    • Straps hold the unit so weight is evenly distributed from your shoulders down your back.
    • Tank is molded and shaped to fit the body.
    • Tank has a 5 gallon (19 litres) capacity
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    Mercedes Forestry Bush/Backpack