Virtual Trade Show

September 29, 2020 by
Virtual Trade Show
WFR Wholesale Fire & Rescue Ltd.

Since we weren't able to attend any trade show this year, we have put together a Virtual Trade Show to take you through the new and featured products that would have been on display.


Frontier Forestry Hose Backpack

Allows for easy transportation and storage of up to 300' of 38mm forestry hose so it is ready for quick deployment without tangling up


Frontier Forestry Hose Throw Bag

Provides neat storage and easy deployment of your 5/8" or 3/4" forestry hose.


Frontier Wildland/Extrication Combination Safety Glasses & Goggles

Comes with arms and a strap to wear as either Safety Glasses or Goggles and includes anti-scratch UV lens, anti-fog lens, and UV lens.


Frontier Wildland/Extrication Goggles

Frontier Goggles are designed for wildland firefighting and extrication operations and comes with three lens and a protective cover.


TFT WorkingFire Nozzle

For everyday use, it is a 150 gpm @ 75 psi Fixed GPM Nozzle, but when you need even more GPM, the nozzle’s exclusive pressure relief system dramatically limits nozzle reaction.


Frontier Mass Disinfection Backpack System

An electric mist spray for use with disinfectants to sanitize large areas.


Fire-Dex FDXL200 Leather Boots

There have been a number of improvements made for the latest FDX200 Leather boots over the previous version:

  • Greater flexibility

  • Finished top edge for added comfort and durability

  • Larger integrated handles for a better grip

  • Heavy-weight FlameStop® leather

  • Extra shin cushioning

to name a few.


Frontier Extrication Glove

Dexterous anti-slip grip with cut and puncture resistance. A breathable barrier lines the inside of the gloves to offer blood pathogens protection with additional impact protection on back of fingers.


Rice Hydro Hose Tester

A great unit for your annual hose testing


Custom Ratchet/Automatic Belts

Customize this leather belt with your department logo on the buckle.

(If you want get these in time for Christmas, place your order by October 15, 2020.)

Thanks for taking part in our Virtual Trade Show! Please contact us for further information on any product that you are interested in or if there are more videos you would like to see.