Fire-Dex Launches Non-Fluorinated PPE Fabrics

May 8, 2021 by
Fire-Dex Launches Non-Fluorinated PPE Fabrics
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Fire-Dex listened to the firefighter's concerns over PFAS finishes on turnout gear. And we’re thrilled to announce the launch of their TECGEN71+ and TECGEN51+ fabrics!

Fire-Dex's exclusive TECGEN71+ and TECGEN51+ are fabrics built with the same configuration as their traditional TECGEN71 and TECGEN51 materials but now offer a new PFAS free, durable, water repellant finish

“We have partnered with Milliken to develop a non-fluorinated version of our exclusive materials utilizing innovative technology to create an eco-friendly, water resistant formula that meets the increasing market demand for PFAS free PPE material options,” states Todd Herring, Fire-Dex Vice President of Product Innovation and Strategy. 

Fire-Dex's TECGEN71+ NFPA 1971 outer shell is designed to lessen heat stress by reducing weight and increasing flexibility. Turnouts crafted with TECGEN71+ are the lightest, thinnest, and most breathable in the fire industry. TECGEN51+ is a NFPA 1951 and 1977 fabric option for alternative PPE that provides optimal strength, breathability, and thermal protection for all non-fire related calls. 

“Our mission is to Serve Those Who Serve and I am extremely proud of our strong team of innovators for addressing this growing demand by continuing to develop solutions to protect first responders across the globe,” states Steve Allison, Fire-Dex President.

Fire-Dex also offer non-fluorinated NFPA 1971 fabrics from Safety Components with their PF Zero™ water-repellent finish including PBI Max™ LP, PBI Max™ 7oz, and Armor AP™.