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Zinc Intake Screen - Waterous

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Zinc Intake Screens are an easy method to prevent corrosion and debris getting into the pump and causing major damage.

Industry recommendation: Once a month check the intake screens to make sure they are not clogged or damaged. Also check for corrosion, and replace screens if damage is serious. For the zinc screens to adequately control corrosion there must be a strong electrical connection between the screen and the intake fitting. Remove any corrosion that may be insulating the screen from the intake fitting. Most screens have an adjustable tab on the O.D. of the screen, which can be positioned to ensure a tight fit. Zinc anodes should be checked twice a year for corrosion. Anodes should be replaced when about half of the anode has been sacrificed to corrosion. It is important to maintain the anodes installed on a pump. When the zinc is gone, the metal component it was intended to protect begins to corrode––guaranteed. Zinc screens and anodes cannot perform their function unless they are exposed to water in the pump. Never coat zinc screens or anodes with paint or anything else. Of course, some corrosion of the iron will occur. The severity depends on the water conditions and the maintenance of the anodes. Zinc screens and anodes are optional, however it is important to include them in your pump specifications. The cost is small compared to the cost of a pump body and related components. Anodes can also be added to existing pumps.

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Product Size6" or 5" or 4"
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Zinc Intake Screen - Waterous