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TFT Transformer Piercing Nozzle Kit - NPSH

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The Task Force Tips Transformer Piercing Nozzle is designed to deliver water or foam solutions to areas inaccessible to the fire fighter. A series of jets near the point apply a wide reaching pattern at a rated flow of 150gpm at 100psi.

The system includes a unique twist-grip shut-off valve, a 3 port junction block with striking head, 2 extension tubes, and the flow tube with piercing point.

The easy to use and rugged, twist-grip shutoff valve, regulates nozzle flow without the need for an additional shutoff valve.

The 3 port junction block and strike head allow the nozzle to be configured to short, medium, long and L shaped combinations, making it easily adaptable to specific fireground situations.

The Transformer Piercing Nozzle features a hardened point, is constructed of hard coated extruded aluminum, and includes a sturdy canvas carrying bag with compartments for each component.

  • Re-configurable for specific fireground situations
  • 150gpm at 100psi
  • 3 Port Junction Block and Twist-Grip Shut-off Valve
  • Hardened Point
  • 1.5" NPSH inlet
Standard Package Includes:
  • Two 19" Extension Tubes
  • 14" Flow Tube & Piercing Point
  • Twist-Grip Shutoff Valve
  • Striking Head & 3 Port Junction Block
  • Canvas Carry Bag

Deluxe Package Includes:

  • Everything in the standard package
  • Removal pistol grip
  • Spinning distributor nozzle* with 1.5" NH female adapter

*The distributor nozzle shall have a system of spinning heads for a wide, fully filled spray pattern.

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TFT Transformer Piercing Nozzle Kit - NPSH