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Self Supporting / Floating Tank - Foam Collar Port-a-tank


*Specify Material Color & Inlet Size*

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Self-supporting tanks can be quickly filled by one person with a standard 2.5" (65mm) hose. They can also be utilized as a dump tank. The heavy duty foam collar will rise as the water level increases. All tanks are supplied with (1) 50mm or 77mm NPT outlet, plug and repair kit.

  • 2" (50mm) or 3" (77mm) NPT outlet comes standard
  • Heavy duty foam collar (self-rising) 
  • Made from tear, abrasion, and puncture resistant 28 oz. PVC vinyl
  • 3-feet tall when filled
  • Available Options: Additional outlets, carry cases, ground covers, salvage covers etc.

*Specify Color upon ordering (Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green)*


Base DiameterHeightWeightStorage
1500 US gallon11' (335cm)3' (91cm)55 lbs. (24.9kg)25" x 25" x 32"
2000 US gallon13' (396cm)3' (91cm)65 lbs. (29.5kg)28" x 28" x 34"
2500 US gallon14' (427cm)3' (91cm)80 lbs. (36.3kg)29" x 29" x 34"
3000 US gallon15' (457cm)3' (91cm)90 lbs. (40.8kg)30" x 30" x 34"
4000 US gallon17' (518cm)3' (91cm)100 lbs. (45.4kg)34" x 34" x 36"
5000 US gallon19' (579cm)3' (91cm)120 lbs. (54.4kg)35" x 35" x 36"
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Self Supporting / Floating Tank - Foam Collar Port-a-tank