TecGen71 FX-R Gear

TecGen71 FX-R Gear


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    Fire-Dex TECGEN71

    Athletic Fit

    Typically, heavy and thick turnout gear helps provide a high thermal protective performance (TPP). Unfortunately that contributes to heat stress, by not allowing enough total heat loss (THL). As an industry, we have been trained to think that you have to sacrifice TPP in order to achieve maximum THL. We are offering a solution contrary to that conventional thinking.

    Fire-Dex offers the most lightweight, thin, and flexible fabric composites with the highest THL ever seen in the fire service…without sacrificing thermal protection or durability. Introducing TECGEN71, an exclusive outer shell available in Fire-Dex Ultimate turnout gear.

    Fabric Detail

    TECGEN71 features rip twill construction that puts the proven strength of 60/40 Kevlar®/Nomex® on the face of the fabric, while creating a super structure of the TECGEN® fiber inside.

    What is TPP and THL?

    From the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, thermal protective performance (TPP) “measures how well a fabric protects the wearer against second-degree burns in a flash fire. The higher the TPP value, the more thermal protection the fabric provides relative to other fabrics.”

    Total Heat Loss (THL) measures breathability, or the ability of the total composite system to allow heat and moisture to evaporate. Breathability is a key factor in reducing heat stress.

    Most turnout gear options focus on TPP or reducing the weight as it is difficult to attain both measurements. TECGEN71 is different. The lighter weight total composite system allows more breathability and flexibility, yielding a 48% higher THL without sacrificing TPP or durability.

    Fire-Dex Ultimate Turnout Gear Features

    Ultimate Gear is the only gear in the industry utilizing Active Posture Design™ (APD). APD works with your SCBA to get you in the ready position with less stress and fatigue. Designed together with the world’s best rock climbing and extreme sports clothing designers, APD is a collection of design elements that are specifically designed to minimize firefighter stress and fatigue. APD focuses on achieving firefighter comfort and mobility through design rather than by oversizing the garment thereby reducing material and bulkiness. APD gets the firefighter in the ready position with design features targeting the center point of a typical firefighter’s full range of motion, thus eliminating the need to fight the gear.

      Standard Features:
    • Seamless Collar: NFPA approved without the use of a throat strap
    • OmniDex™ Shoulder: shoulder seams moved inward to natural bend point. Optimal SCBA strap interface eliminates material bunching. No more shoulder lifting your air pack. Provides unmatched comfort and freedom, virtually eliminating coat rise and sleeve retraction.
    • DexFlex™ Elbows and Knees: pre-bent design provides unrestricted movement
    • Comfort Pant: athletic cut, mid-rise design with seamless gusset to reduce bulk and wear/tear

    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series

    Specifications for TecGen71 FX-R Gear

    Outershell Material 6.5 oz TECGEN71
    Gear Color TECGEN71 Gold or TECGEN71 Black
    Thermal Liner 7.4 oz Glide Ice 2-Layer (19.1 osy weight, 47 TPP, 282 THL) w/ tecgen71 & stedair 4000 or 5.9 oz Glide Ice 1-Layer (17.9 osy weight, 41.1 TPP, 317 THL)
    Gear Closure Coat & Pants -Inner Zipper & Outer Velcro (XC40) or Coat-Inner Hook & D w/ Velcro & Outer Velcro (XC05) Pants-Inner Zipper & Outer Velcro w/ Hook & D (XC45))
    Knit Wrist Option Long Knit Wrist with Thumb Loop - White or Long Knit Wrist with Thumb Hole - White
    Coat Options Right Flashlight Holder w/Hook & Left Radio pocket with Mic Clip
    Trim 3" Brilliance Diamond Lime Stripe or ScotchLite Triple Lime/Silver or 3M ScotchLite Comfort Trim, Lime/Siver
    Department Name Department name on back - 1 row
    Coat Throat Tab No Throat Tab, NFPA Collar only
    Name Patch Hanging Patch, Hook & Loop Attachment, 2" ScotchLite Lime, with Lettering (XL61)
    Internal Pant Harness No Internal Harness or Integrated Harness Pant including harness (I2H)
    Moisture Barrier Stedair® 3000
    Thermal Liner Prism Pure
    Upgrades included Fleece Lining on Coat Pockets, Foam in Cargo Pant Pocket Flaps, Two Compartment Pocket divider in right Pant Cargo Pocket
    Manufacturer Fire-Dex
    Product Style Athletic Fit with lighter, thinner, more flexible and higher THL