Excalibur Knife (Recip saw) Kit

Excalibur Knife (Recip saw) Kit

    Excalibur Knife

    The Excalibur Knife for Life is an air powered reciprocating-type saw set at a 90 degree angle. It operates at 22,000 strokes per minute and weighs only 2.8 lbs. It operates at 130 psi and 10 CFM. The Excalibur knife can be operated from SCBA cylinders, air compressors or air brake systems. Though designed to remove windshields, the Excalibur knife can cut roof posts, steering wheel rings, and sheet metal. The glass cutting blade can be used to puncture tires during stabilization and. if needed, can be used underwater. The Excalibur removes tempered glass easily. Run the Excalibur at full speed and simply touch the blade tip to the corner of the window or back glass. The glass breaks and is removed from the vehicle.

    Standard Kit Includes:
    • Excalibur knife
    • 4 metal cutting blades
    • 4 glass cutting blades
    • Wrench
    • Oil
    • Carrying case

    Optional equipment includes longer lengths of hose, blades and the Quick Deployment bag (not Shown). The quick deployment bag allows the Excalibur to be stored pre-connected to an air cylinder. Simply put the bag over your shoulder and turn on the air and its ready to go!

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