Frontier Forestry Bush/Backpack *Sale Price $85*

Frontier Forestry Bush/Backpack *Sale Price $85*

Frontier Forestry Bush/Backpack *Sale Price $85*

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    The ideal solution for fire services, forestry commissions and agricultural sectors to quell small fires, whether individual or residue from a larger fire. Safe, economical and sensible.

    Back Pack Features

    • Color: Yellow
    • Unique non-spill filling system
    • 18 litre capacity
    • Thermo-welded flexible tank in strong resistant industrial material
    • Compact and easy to store
    • Comfortable and ergonomic shape
    • Convenient carry handle and shoulder straps
    • Strengthened back support
    • Padded hardwearing shoulder harness & chest strap
    • Exterior double reinforced lower section
    • Internal water baffles
    • Rear hanging strap
    • 4" (100mm) water fill hole and polymer cap with fine gauze mesh filter (removable)
    • Screw cap with retaining cord
    • Hand-pump dog-clip & eyelet for hands free operation
    • Instantaneous brass quick release outlet coupling & stop valve
    • Large identification sleeve
    • Extra reinforced top and bottom, thermo-welded tough polymer bag
    • Weighs 4 lbs. (empty)
    • Measures approx. 19.3"l x 25.5"h x 1"d (empty)

    Hand Pump Features

    • Left or right hand operation
    • Stainless steel construction, high impact & corrosion resistance
    • High performance pump with special double handgrip sleeves (ideal for wet glove operation)
    • Pump action from between 3 meter spray up to 12 meter jet
    • Superior quality nozzle with high impact resistance protector
    • Metal coil protectors to high pressure hose ends

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