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Mobile Foam Cart

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    The Frontier Mobile Foam Cart is designed to hold 30 gallons (120L) of firefighting foam concentrate and contains a 95-gpm in-line eductor, a 95-gpm hand line nozzle and two (2) lengths of 50 feet of 1.5" rubber fire hose. The ease of handling and mobility of the foam cart makes this a very effective fire-fighting unit for flammable liquid fires. To place the unit in operation, connect a length of 1.5" fire hose from a suitable water supply source to the in-line eductor inlet. Note: The in-line eductor design point is 95gpm at 200 psi.  Any reduction in pressure at the in-line eductor inlet will create a corresponding decrease in flow. The tank is manufactured of reinforced fiberglass, which makes the unit suitable for use with all types of foam concentrates and environments.


    • Nozzle features a ball shut-off for better stream control and is designed to give a constant flow whether on straight stream of fog patterns
    • 3"x16" pneumatic tires
    • Foam eductor adjusts to 3% or 6% concentrates
    • Fire hose has lightweight 1.5" NPSH couplings
    • Pick up tube on in-line eductor is manufactured of stainless steel
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    Mobile Foam Cart