[P-8677] JYD Extrication Protection Cover Kit
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JYD Safety Kit (4-in-1)


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Hand Tools

Junkyard Dog Industries has combined four first due-in kits into one organized should bag for easy operation and deployment. Junkyard Dog’s Safety Kit contains everything you need for first-in patient and rescuer protection, all efficiently placed into one vinyl-coated polyester bag. The bright orange bag is striped with reflected tape for high visibility at crash scenes and includes purpose-built pockets placed within and around the bag allow for easy access to the tools you need. The Safety Kit includes 4 premium Junkyard Dog Industries Kits into 1.


  • Packexe® SMASH Kit  (ESI-PX-SM)
    • Packexe Dispenser
    • Packexe SMASH Roll, 12.25” x 164’, Perforated Every 4” (Fits Dispenser)
    • Packexe SMASH Roll, 12.25” x 164’, Unperforated (Hand Application)
    • Film Cutter
    • Safety Knife
    • Squeegee
    • Cloth
  • Packexe® Sharpswrap Kit  (ESI-PX-SW)
    • (4) Packexe Sharpswrap refill Rolls (Kit Holds 2)
    •  Packexe Sharpswrap Handle
  • Extrication Protection Cover Kit  (JYD-EPC-K)
    • (3) Post Covers with Hook & Loop
    • (1) 24” x 24” Cover with 4 Interior Magnets for Extra Hold
    • (1) 24” x 60” Cover with 6 Interior Magnets
  • Extrication Protection Panel Kit – w/ Teardrop Panel  (JYD-753)
    • Single Patient Protection Panel
    • Extrication Protection Teardrop Panel
    • Kovenex® Blanket
  • Spring Ring Window Punch  (JYD-20102)
  • Safety Kit Carry Bag  (JYD-076)
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JYD Safety Kit (4-in-1)

Not Available For Sale