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Turtle Tube Grain Bin Rescue Sleeve - Gen 2


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Improved for better grip and higher efficiency during deployment, The Turtle Tube – Gen 2 Grain Rescue Sleeve was developed specifically for use during rescue operations of horizontal entrapment that occurs in grain handling at food processing plants, breweries, elevators, and grain transport vehicles. The Turtle Tube – Gen 2 Grain Rescue Sleeve (also referred to as a "grain rescue tube") is designed, developed, tested, and built by farmers and firefighters working together to save lives. This innovative device is the most cost-effective grain rescue tube product and has the fastest rapid deployment in the market. This product is manufactured using virgin plastic.

  • One-piece, heavy duty plastic construction.
  • Three self-latching mechanisms – no more bolts or screws to assemble device.
  • Serrated teeth at bottom of sleeve to assist in gripping grain during rescue operation.
  • Rapid deployment (less than one minute). Cut outs for hand placement once deployed.
  • 15" storage diameter; small footprint inside apparatus cabinet; its compact design enables single individual to transport.
  • 28" Diameter when deployed
  • Reflective roll belt is provided to keep device secure when not in use.
  • Heavy duty nylon carrying bag with straps is included.
  • Patented design U.S. Pat.No. D809,210.
  • Most economically priced rescue device on the market.
  • The device is washable, odourless and lightweight.
  • Weighs only 18 lbs. (8.16kg)
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Turtle Tube Grain Bin Rescue Sleeve - Gen 2

Not Available For Sale