[P-7853] TFT Joystick Operator Station - w/ Plug & Receptacle
[P-8281] TFT Monitor Panel Mount Controller -

TFT Monitor Position Display


w/ 10ft Power and Communication Cable

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This display will show the stream position of any TFT RC electric monitor. Position is indicated by two sets of LEDs, one set for the vertical position and one set for the horizontal position. Buttons for the PARK & Oscillate features and HIGH/LOW speed selection are also supplied. A 10' (3m) long 4-conductor cable for power and communication is supplied pre-connected. When installed on systems w/RC Extend-A-Gun, the current state is indicated by LED (raised/lowered)


  • Type: Remote Control Accessories
  • Weight: 0.8
  • Hemisphere Clamp: No
  • Hemisphere Mount: No
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TFT Monitor Position Display

Not Available For Sale