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Mustang ACR HemiLight 3 Emergency Survivor l Locator Light


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The ACR HemiLight Water Activated Rescue Light integrates with Mustang Survival Immersion Suits and inflatable PFDs to increase in-water visibility.


  • Water sensor activates when in contact with fresh or salt water, and deactivate via manual off button
  • High intensity flashing LED light visible in all directions of the upper hemispere
  • Attachment tabs accommodate up to 5cm (2") wide webbing
  • Single piece construction for ease of handling during installation or in a crisis
  • Compact size for ease of storage
  • Operating life exceeds 8 hour requirement, and typically exceeds 20+ hours
  • Water tight up to 10 ft Meets USCG SOLAS and MED SOLAS approvals
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Mustang ACR HemiLight 3 Emergency Survivor l Locator Light

Not Available For Sale