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Medium-Pressure Lifting/Air Bags - 1Bar (14.5psi) - Sava

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Medium-pressure lifting bags provide high lifts. They have a soft footprint which makes them ideal for lifting softer structures since the lifting force is spread over a wider area

This product is only the air bag. See the connection details below and the related products to complete the set up required

Hook-up/Connection details:

  1. Connect SCBA bottle to regulator
  2. Connect high pressure hose to regulator
  3. Connect other end of high pressure hose to controller
  4. Connect low pressure hoses between controller and bags

Technical Data

Model#DiameterHeightWeightWorking PressureAir RequirementMax Lifting CapacityMax Lifting HeightInflation Valve Thread Size
MA61 cm / 24"5 cm / 2"17 lbs / 7.5 kg14.5 psi / 1 bar9 cu ft3 tons43 cm / 17"R 3/8"-male
MB76 cm / 30"5 cm / 2"27 lbs / 12 kg14.5 psi / 1 bar19 cu ft4.7 tons59 cm / 23"R 3/8"-male
MC91 cm / 36"5 cm / 2"33 lbs / 15 kg14.5 psi / 1 bar28 cu ft6.7 tons61 cm / 24"R 3/8"-male
MD122 cm / 48"8 cm / 3"77 lbs / 35 kg14.5 psi / 1 bar83 cu ft12 tons100 cm / 39"R 3/8"-male

* Top Grid pads can be supplied upon request

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Medium-Pressure Lifting/Air Bags - 1Bar (14.5psi) - Sava