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Kussmaul has many digital display options to offer.  Listed are the most common. However, other models are available upon request.

The Universal Bar Graph display is for single battery bank voltage display and can be installed in any 12/24V system.  This unit is also available in a dual and three battery bank if needed.

The Standard as well as the Watertight Status display provide digital Voltage and Ampere readouts, a 5 segment bar graph indicating the output current, and 4 LED’s showing the battery condition. They are available in two different housings: standard and watertight. The watertight housing is available in multiple colors but be default offered in Red. This display is compatible with the Auto Charge 1000, Auto Charge 1200, Auto Charge 1200 Remote, LPC 20, LPC 40, LPC 80, Pump Plus 1000 and Pump Plus 1200 battery chargers

Standard Status Center - Size: 3.2" x 4.7" (8.1cm x 12cm)

Watertight Status Center - Size: 5.45" x 3.95" (13.8cm x 10cm)

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Kussmaul Digital Display

Not Available For Sale