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Hose Inflation Device for Water/Ice Rescue
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Hose Inflation device used for water and ice rescue. Kit consists of a custom cap with rope ring, custom plug with pressure relief valve and checked female quick connect and 36" fill hose with SCBA connection to fill from SCBA with carrying case. WFR has taken a unique idea and built a better mouse trap to give emergency services a compact package that is easy to deploy in an emergency situation.

Designed to be used with 65mm (2.5") fire hose of any length to have a long float-able device to push to the victim. The male end adapter has a ring to attach a looped rescue rope and four handles to allow them to hold on. These four handles are also used to allow the rescuer to turn the hose and walk it across the ice to be more accurate in getting the device to the victim.

The female end of the rescue device has two handles for the rescuer to use and also consists of a pressure relief valve set at 150psi to prevent over pressurizing the hose and a quick connect for attaching the air coming from you SCBA bottle.

Also, included is a 36” length of 6000 psi hose with fittings to allow it to fit any size SCBA bottle and quickly fill the hose (no regulator needed)


The device is simple. One or more 50' lengths of 65mm (2.5") fire hose with lightweight couplings are charged with air from an air cylinder. Once filled with air, the hose becomes rigid and buoyant. Tests have shown that a 50' section of hose will support 5 or more people. Any number of sections may be coupled together and pushed out into the river, lake, ice covered body of water and even a hydraulic created by low head dams to effect a rescue. The Hose Rescue Device can be placed in service quickly. It can be brought to wherever needed with a minimum of workforce.

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Hose Inflation Device for Water/Ice Rescue