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FoaMidget Foam Proportioning System
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The FoaMidget is a simple, inexpensive and portable. It is a self contained around-the-pump foam proportioner that instantly converts a municipal water pumper into a foam proportioning pumper. The proportioner is simply threaded into the 2.5" (65 mm) auxiliary suction connection on the water pump and fed from a 1.5" (38 mm) discharge outlet.

The foam pickup tube is inserted into the foam container and the appropriate valve setting dialed into the proportioner body. The FoaMidget allows for different flow requirements in any flow combination. A portion of the water pump output passes through the 1.5" (38 mm) hose to the eductor where foam concentrate is metered into the water stream. The foam solution then passes through the auxiliary water pump suction and into the main water pump stream where it is mixed and distributed to all open outlet connections. 

Pump pressures between 125 PSI (9 bar) and 250 PSI (17 bar) are recommended. As with any around-the-pump type system all pump outlets will have either foam or water at the same time. Pump suction pressure from a hydrant is limited to 5 PSI (0.3 bar) so you may have to gate down your inlet from the hydrant in order to keep outside pressures down. If drafting this is not a problem as you will have negative pressure at your pump.

Package components

  • Around the pump eductor with 2.5" NH outlet
  • Adapter for your threads depending on province
  • pick up tube with female NPSH thread x open intake hose
  • 38mm x 10 ft rubber supply hose with NPSH threads

* Please request customer thread adapter for eductor

  • Hooks up to any standard pumper
  • No built-in foam tank required
  • Usable with any foam concentrate 
  • Seawater compatible
  • All brass construction
  • Adjustable proportioning
  • Compact / reliable
  • Solution flow rate up to 775 gpm - 4,650 gpm
  • Stores easily in a truck compartment
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FoaMidget Foam Proportioning System