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ECOPOL PREMIUM, Multipurpose alcohol-resistant Fluorine-Free Foam (F3) efficient on class B polar solvent and hydrocarbon fires

As efficient as the best AFFF-AR foams, ECOPOL PREMUM is a highly efficient alcohol-resistant firefighting foam and can be used in direct application. ECOPOL PREMIUM multipurpose foam achieves best performances with fresh/sea water on:

  • Equivalent to the best AFFF: Certified 1A / 1A - EN 1568-3.
  • Highest AR classification: Certified 1A / 1A - EN 1568-4.
  • Burn back resistance equal to the best fluoro-protein foams. 
  • Effective at Medium Expansion (certified EN 1568-1) and High Expansion (certified EN 1568-2)
  • Effective on Class A fires
  • Class A: CEREN certificate
  • As a totally fluorine-free foam concentrate, ECOPOL PREMIUM is not subject to current or forthcoming regulatory controls on the prohibition on products containing fluorine derivatives.  

Greater Efficiency on hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires!

  • The extinguishing effectiveness of ECOPOL PREMIUM on hydrocarbon fires can be compared to an AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) foam concentrate that contains fluorine.
  • The multi-purpose AR (Alcohol Resistant) foam concentrate works by generating a protective gel film on the surface of all types of flammable polar solvent liquids.
  • ECOPOL PREMIUM provides exceptional resistance to burn back/re-ignition, similar to the best fluoro-protein foam concentrates.
  • As efficient with fresh water as with sea water.
  • 100% free of fluorine derivatives (without PFC, PFT, PFOA, and PFOS). 


  • Completely free of fluorine derivatives (PFC's PerFluorinated Compounds) recognized as persistent in the environment, that are detrimental as bioaccumulables and toxic to living organisms.
  • Depending on the absorption capacity of your sewage treatment plant and your spillage arrangements, ECOPOL PREMIUM can be eliminated without resorting to incineration.
  • ECOPOL PREMIUM is classified as readily biodegradable. It breaks-down rapidly with no PBT (Persistent Bioaccumulable Toxic) residue and contains no halogen derivatives.
  • Can be used at 3% on hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires.
  • European standards: EN 1568 Parts
  • Oil industry: LASTFIRE.
  • Forest fire standards: CEREN Certificate.
  • Certification in progress: UL 162 / GESIP.
  • 10 year warranty.


  • Effective on industrial fires: landfills, plastics, tires, etc.
  • Effective on hydrocarbon fires: fuel, diesel oil, petrol, kerosene, etc.
  • Effective on polar solvent fires: alcohols, ketones, ethers, etc.
  • Effective on urban fires: waste bins, furniture, textiles, etc.
  • Effective at Low, Medium, and High Expansion.
  • Compatible with most dosing systems.
  • Can be used with mobile and fixed fire fighting systems (foam box, high expansion generators, fire hose stations, CAFS systems, etc.).
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