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BlitzFire Portable Monitor Package

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The Blitzfire is a simple, light, and highly maneuverable attack monitor. Its low elevation angle makes it suitable for use indoors. It can go anywhere a handline goes while delivering much more water. If the Blitzfire starts to slide or lift the Safety Shut-off Valve automatically shuts off the flow of water. This patented safety feature reduces the risk of injury from an out-of-control appliance. The shut-off action slows near stroke end to eliminate water hammer. To reset the flow simply open the valve to any of six detent flow positions with the turbulence-free slide valve. The Blitzfire's discharge pivots make directing the stream extremely quick and effortless. A unique up/down pivot on the hose inlet allows the monitor to have stability even on porches, stair landings or the like. An anchor strap is included for safe operation on slick surfaces like marble floors. The main body is hardcoat anodized aluminum with a blue TFT powder coat finish inside and out.

  • Integral slide valve for total turbulence free flow control
  • Six detent positions allow for manned or unmanned use
  • TFT's unique safety shut-off valve senses movement of the unit and quickly and safely shuts off the flow. The valve's unique shut down design prevents water hammer.
  • Flow range up to 500 gpm (2,000 lpm)
  • The Blitzfire's low elevation angle allows for close to the ground operations.
  • Elevation is manually adjustable between 10 to 50 degrees above horizontal, 20 degrees left and right of center
  • Easily deployed as an interior attack line, or by limited personnel in exterior offensive or defensive operations
  • Rear inlet swivels to allow for different hose sizes as well as use in above or below level operations.
  • Carbide tipped spikes for increased stability.
  • Retractable legs allow for compact mounting on apparatus and for quick deployment during use.
  • Stowed size: 29.5"l x 8.1"w x 8.5"h (75cm x 21cm x 21.6cm)
  • Weighs 22lbs. (10.7kg)
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BlitzFire Portable Monitor Package