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Accountability System
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Health and Safety

Provides for the tracking of emergency personnel at an incident. The system made up of Name Tags, and Passports are all components that easily identify personnel, apparatus assignment allowing for 3 levels of accountability inside the incident perimeter. Integrated with the WFR's Status Board & SCBA Control Board this system provides a complete Personnel Accountability Safety System.

Accountability System Components

Name Tags: A colour coded 3/8" x 1¼"(9mm x 31mm) Velcro™ backed plastic tag engraved with the members name or are blank for field application of name with an erasable china marker.

PASSPORTS: Primary, Backup and Blank Passports are 2.25" x 5.5" coloured plastic cards with Velcro™ on both sides. Passports are used to store Personnel Name Tags and are identified with the apparatus ID at the bottom. These form Level I Accountability.

WFR's Status Board: A 11" x 17"(280mm x 432mm) white Lexan Board used with the Primary and Backup PASSPORTS allow for tracking of apparatus and personnel assignments. Accommodates up to six PASSPORTS attached with Velcro™ and an area to write location, assignment, time and sector. Combined with PASSPORTS these form Level II Accountability.

Note: the tags come blank and you write the numbers or names on each tag per your requirements or use a Dyno Machine.

WFR's SCBA Board: A 11" x 17" white Lexan board used to track personnel in and out of the hazardous area. Combined with Name Tags this system tracks its members accounting for SCBA pressure, time in, time due, time out and location assigned to. Comes with a digital clock and erasable china markers. This finalizes the PASSPORT System and completes Level III Accountability.


WFR's PASSPORT System is designed to track and account for Emergency Personnel at an incident. Integrated with WFR's Status & SCBA Control Boards it allows Incident Commanders to organize incoming resources and support functions. WFR's PASSPORT System products allow the user to implement personnel accountability in conjunction with the overall management efforts by utilizing Name Tags and Passports.

How It Works

WFR's PASSPORT System is designed to be quick and easy to place into operation. Here's how it works.

Each station is issued a Status Board, SCBA Control Board.

A Primary PASSPORT is supplied for each vehicle in the station (maximum of 6 per set). Each member is issued a set of 3 color coded Name Tags, 1 Green, 1 Yellow, 1 Red (30 of each color supplied in kit). Name Tags will be placed to the underside of the member’s helmet. (note these tags come blank and the department is to use the marker or an Dyno machine to make name tags or numbers for their crew members)

At the start of the shift members place the green Name Tag on the Backup PASSPORT (white) located on the dash or officers door of the apparatus they are assigned to. The yellow Name Tag will be affixed to the primary PASSPORT (black) located with the officer’s radio of the apparatus they are assigned to. The red Name Tag will be kept on the member's helmet and used for SCBA control during Level III Accountability.

During a normal apparatus response, the Officer will have the Primary PASSPORT (black) attached to his/her self (Level I Accountability). Should the incident escalate and the establishment of a command post be made, a safety/accountability officer should be assigned. PASSPORTS will be transferred to command and placed on WFR's Status Board (Level II Accountability). Tracking of additional units, location and assignments will be maintained on the Status Board. If first arriving units are engaged in Fire/Rescue activities Backup PASSPORTS (white) will be retrieved from those units until such time Primary PASSPORTS can be placed on the Status Board.

When firefighters are assigned to tasks that will involve the use of SCBA, they are to report to the Accountability Officer, in pairs, to have their assignment recorded. They each give the Officer their red tag. These tags are placed on the SCBA Control Board, and then the lowest of the 2 air pressures are recorded, the time they leave the control point (from the clock on the board), the estimated time (from experience of lapsed times) and the area of assignment. When the firefighters come out, they are to report to the Accountability Officer and retrieve their red tags. If they change tanks and are re-assigned, this must be recorded. If firefighters have not reported in at the due time, they are to be considered missing, and appropriate measures taken.

At the end of the incident, each firefighter must have his red tag in place on his helmet and should return to the station on the same vehicle that he arrived on.

On returning to the station, the officer is to double check that all members listed on the Passport are, in fact, actually on the truck. Anyone missing must be accounted for immediately.

At the end of the shift, the green and yellow tags are taken from the Passports and stored on the helmet.

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Accountability System