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F-1 First On Scene Leak Repair Kit

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    Health and Safety

    For all first responders on accident scenes, the F-1 First On Scene Leak Repair Kit has what you need to stop a leak fast. Designed primarily for fuel tank leaks , this kit contains simple, proven items for all spill response incidents.  This handy kit is compact enough to fit on every engine in your department, or staged near fuel storage tanks in plants, airports, etc.

    Kit Components:

    • (1) 1lb container of Plug N' Dike pre-mix
    • (4) Fix Stix epoxy repair putty
    • (5) 18'' x 18'' all-purpose absorbent pads
    • (1) Football plug
    • (2) Golf ball plugs
    • (1) Rubber mallet 
    • (1) 9-piece wooden wedge/dowel plug kit 
    • (1) Toolbox carry case
    Product Image
    F-1 First On Scene Leak Repair Kit