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Pike Pole - 6ft - Trash Hook - D-handle - FireHooks

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    The Arson-Trash Hook was developed to find hidden fire in deep seated smoldering fires usually found in dumps or dumpsters.

    The normal hook just won't pull trash in large quantities. This trash hook's two large six inch pointed prongs will grasp debris in huge chunks.

    Manufactured in-house incorporating stainless steel wear sleeves welded to steel supported prongs, attached to solid fiberglass with sanded celtex grips and finally an alloy "D" handle.
    • 2 large 6" pointed prongs
    • Fiberglass or steel pole
    • Straight end, Ram Knob end or D-Handle
    The normal six foot trash hook is recommended. The 40" Arson-Trash Hook is recommended to be used in close quarters. This model is small enough to be placed in the trunk of an automobile. This hook will also aid police narcotic personnel in their search for illegal drugs during raid operations.  
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    Pike Pole - 6ft - Trash Hook - D-handle - FireHooks