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Door & Sprinkler Wedges

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    Firefighter, EMS, and rescue professionals have been personally hand-carving pieces of wood to act as door and/or sprinkler wedges for many years. Using today's technology, we have redesigned this particular wedge to be more durable, slip resistant, and light weight. Although they are deceptive in size, the Wedge still performs its primary function: holding doors open and reducing the flow of water from sprinklers. The Wedge's unique size works as a door stop in one of two ways. It can be used at the top of the door jamb or more commonly, at the base of the door.

    Many professionals use this small but important product as a safety feature during a fire or to maintain a hands free approach during rescue or EMS incidents. The Wedge can also be "doubled" to temporarily reduce the flow of water from an activated sprinkler. This functional product is sold in a combination package of two yellow and two orange wedges.

    Dimensions: 2.75''L x 1''H x 0.75''W

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    Door & Sprinkler Wedges