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Drip Torch - 5L

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    Light controlled burns safely with this Drip Torch. A favorite among the Forestry Service, the Drip Torch is the most popular backfire drip torch. A fuel trap on the spout of the Drip Torch prevents flashback into the fountain. A check valve in the cover doubles the flashback protection. The Drip Torch also features a breather valve, oil proof gaskets and sealed bullets to keep fuel flowing. The drip torch can use diesel or stove oil. The Drip Torch has a capacity of one (1)  imperial gallon and features a 15 gauge seamless aluminum fountain, a double bottom and a full length handle. The Drip Torch weighs 5 and half pounds.


    • This Drip Torch is designed for use in igniting fires in vegetation with a mixture of diesel fuel and gas.
    • Lightweight Aluminum tank and handle assembly
    • Flat bottom on drip torch to prevent tipping
    • Steel siphon tube
    • Self-extinguishing igniter
    • Drip Torch Tank capacity 1-1/4 US gallons (5L)
    • Drip Torch Tank is 6" diameter
    • Spout/Igniter assembly can be stowed inside of the fuel tank when drip torch is not in use
    • Fuel trap in the spout and check valve assembly in the tank cover provides flashback protection
    • Breather valve assembly provides smooth flow of fuel when drip torch is in use.
    • Weighs 5.5 lbs. (2.5kg)

    Operating Instructions

    As supplied by the manufacturer.

    Use of fire lighting equipment should be restricted to trained, experienced personnel, who will take precautions to avoid endangering themselves and others' property and safety. Keep torch in good operating condition, inspect periodically and replace worn or missing parts. Handle all petroleum products with the same precautions as when handling gasoline! Fuel: See your agency's or bureau's policy for authorized fuel mixtures.Starting: Fill the drip torch, leaving a 2" air space at the top. This will allow for expansion. Do not fill near open flame or other ignition source. Wipe off outer surface of the tank and handle after filling. Remove discharge plug (100-81) and insert in blind socket. Open breather valve approximately 2 full turns. Tip drip torch forward, allowing fuel to wet igniter. Light igniter, drip torch is ready to use. Storing and proper closure: CAUTION: ALLOW THE IGNITER TO COOL PRIOR TO STORAGE: Stand the drip torch upright until the igniter burns out and cools to room temperature. After the igniter cools, remove the lock ring, reverse the spout and return it to the inside of the tank. Screw on the lock ring securely. Tighten lock ring by hand until snug and then turn an additional 1/4 turn. Drip torch should be stored securely in a mounted bracket designed for this purpose.CARRY AND STORE YOUR DRIP TORCH WITH THE SAME CARE YOU WOULD GIVE TO ANY FUEL TANK.

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