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Replacement Rungs (Duo Ladders)

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    Service Parts

    All rungs are 1-1/4" diameter by .065" wall thickness. (Standard Rung), unless your section width is wider than 24". In this case, you probably have heavy rungs - 1-1/4" diameter by .105 wall thickness.

    Rung Replacement: It is the recommendation from the factory that all rungs be replaced when any rung shows signs of worn/smooth serration's or if any rung is dented, worn through or damaged in any manner. For a statement from the factory, click here.

    All replacement rungs are supplied 24" - standard .065 wall.

    To remove any welded rung from the rail or plate, you must use a rung reamer tool.

    There is no need to replace the rung plates unless they are damaged.

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    Replacement Rungs (Duo Ladders)