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Spill Control Golf Ball Plug


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    Health and Safety

    The golf ball plug is an 1.5'' (38mm) round, polyurethane impregnated, water activated foam plug used to temporarily stop the flow from a leak in anything from a pipe, tanker, rail-car, or even a boat. It is initially pliable to insert into a void and quickly expands and hardens to fill the void. It can even be applied below the water line. Includes step-by-step instructions, protective gloves and golf ball plug. 


    • Ready to use
    • Simple application 
    • Effective & time saving 
    • No mixing, no mess 
    • Plug sets rock hard in minutes


    • Color:  Foam-Yellow / Urethane-White

    • Cure Time: 2 Minutes @ 75 degrees F

    • Resin Type: Pre-Impregnated

    • Application Temperature: 320 to 1600 F

    • Size: 1.5” round (38mm) before activation


    1. Put on supplied gloves. Remove foil pouch and open. IMPORTANT Move Golf Ball around inside inner plastic bag to coat entire Golf Ball with resin. Remove Golf Ball from plastic bag and submerge into water for 5 seconds. Squeeze Football to make sure water gets into the center. If no bucket is available, simply pour a few ounces of water into the plastic bag and squeeze Golf Ball

    2. Twist and force Golf Ball Plug into hole

    3. Using a gloved hand, firmly Golf Ball Plug against the surface of the container, pipe or vessel, creating a mushroom effect. Hole must be large enough for a portion of the Golf Ball to expand inside.

    4. While holding one hand with constant pressure against damaged area, use other hand to smooth outer edges of Golf Ball Plug onto the surface of the container, pipe, or vessel.

    IMPORTANT Resin may settle to bottom of Golf Ball when stored for extended periods. Flip package once a month to allow resin to remain uniform within Golf Ball.

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