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Footman's Loop 2" - Zinc Plated

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    The popular, economical way to secure virtually ANY item.


    • 2″ wide heavy-duty, all-weather nylon construction
    • A hook and loop closure system that provides extraordinary holding power
    • Strap doubles back on itself through the “D” ring to double that holding power
    • A 360-degree grip range
    • Great for use on land, sea, and air
    • More cost effective than conventional mounting systems
    • Each strap ships with one 2″ Footman’s Loop.
    • Length measured from inside of “D” ring to fold between Hook & Loops
    • Maybe be used alone, with one additional Footman, or in conjunction with a Utility Mounting System – Fixed Strap
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    Footman's Loop 2" - Zinc Plated