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JackStrap Apparatus Hose Restraint


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    The JackStrap helps prevent unplanned hose lays by providing a way to attach hose ends to the apparatus. Most modern fire hose has a jacket that is slippery to make it easier for hose to be deployed at a fire scene, this also makes it easier for unsecured hose to accidentally fall or slide off while the apparatus is in motion.This safety device has been developed by FRC to help prevent fire hose from inadvertently coming off the apparatus while responding to or returning from an incident.

    The JackStrap provides a simple, inexpensive way of securing the hose end to the apparatus while in transit.

    The JackStrap:

    • Is made of heavy-duty 2-inch wide polypropylene webbing.
    • Has an adjustable hose loop will fit on supply and working hose from 1.5 to 5 inches.
    • Has a separate shoulder loop to help the firefighter when pulling a supply line or help support a working hand line.
    • When used on a hydrant line, the shoulder loop can firmly hold the hose to the hydrant during a hose stretch.
    • There is a a side pocket on the shoulder loop that securely holds a hydrant tool close at hand.
    Product Image
    JackStrap Apparatus Hose Restraint