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PELI-CAN Skid System


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    PELI-CAN Skid Systems are skids that house and transport sprinkler protection units (SPU). These skids are Engineer Certified (patent pending) and are designed for portability and ease of operation.

    The goal of PELI-CAN’s SPU is to strengthen your capacity for protection of buildings and structures from wildfires. PELI-CAN provides flexible and quick deployment using our purpose designed skid unit and trained personnel to protect assets. 

    Time is money! PELI-CAN skids are portable, light and versatile. The skids, fully equipped, are:

    • Transportable in the box of a three quarter ton pick-up or deck loaded on a flat-bed truck;
    • Moved, loaded or unloaded with a forklift;
    • Heli-portable engineered and certified lifting straps; and Skidded with almost any vehicle, including quads.

    PELI-CAN skids are designed for 2,800 lb. total capacity and with full fire suppression equipment, weigh approximately 2,300 lbs. With a built-in engineered spreader bar, the skid can be lifted and transported with a helicopter. Thus, fire suppression equipment can be moved to locations that are not accessible by truck/trailer.

    PELI-CAN skids offer ease of access to firefighters, with high strength polyester walls, held in place with heavy duty Velcro. This design maintains a reduced overall weight for the skid and increases access for deployment of equipment.

    The PELI-CAN skid has dimensions of 3'10" x 7'6" x 6' and can be moved by forklift, winch or helicopter. The skid is equipped for a British Columbia Type III SPU. The components include: pumps, hoses, sprinklers, fuel containers, a 2,500 lmperial gallon portable tank, ladder and tools.

    PELI-CAN offers these fire suppression skids for lease or sale, and also offers an annual re-certification program and training for the customers. 

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    PELI-CAN Skid System