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XTEND Style Rescue Struts (Set of Two)

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Junkyard Dog Industries XTEND Style Rescue Struts are an economical and proven solution for your stabilization challenges. XTEND Style Rescue Struts uses heavy-duty, top-quality, stainless-steel aircraft quality Locking Adjustment “T” Pins for quick and secure deployment. These simple, Self-Contained, lightweight, and easy to rescue struts work on the “tension buttress” principle for quick and secure deployment. They can allow even a single firefighter to stabilize a vehicle faster, better, and often far more easily than a team of rescuers with a truck full of cribbing and connectors.

Junkyard Dog Industries Vehicle Rescue Struts have proven, over and over, those in-vehicle rescue situations when time is critical, less equipment does do more.


  • Less equipment does more work
  • One rescuer can carry two complete struts
  • Struts are easily applied by one rescuer
  • Lower cost than many alternative systems
  • Lighter, more compact design
  • Replaces quantities of cumbersome wood cribbing
  • All accessories are attached to the strut


  • (2) Rescue XTEND Struts
  • (2) Witches Hat Point Heads
  • (2) 90 Degree Heads
  • (2) Accessory Pouches
  • (2) Pickets
  • (2) Simpson Ratchet Straps
  • (2) Simpson Axle Straps


Contrasted with `4-gauge solid wall steel, and using top quality locking “T” pins and Simpson ratchet and axle straps, our struts are engineered to effectively accommodate conventional and ultra-modern vehicles construction features. Each rescue strut comes with a durable accessory pouch and is powder-coated for an enduring finish and is third-party tested to a rated weight of up to 5,000 lbs.

  • Self Contained for Easy Deployment
  • Polymer Coated Base for Better Grip
  • Base and Clevis Operate Separately so Base Will Stay Flat on Ground
  • Large Clevis Allows to Pass Through the Ratchet Strap Head for Single Strap Triangulation
  • Comes with Accessory Bag Attached to Strut and accessories all included
  • Simpson Ratchet and Axle Strap Rated at 1,300 lb
  • JYD Industries Rescue Struts come in two styles, each available in a variety of sizes to accommodate all of your stabilizing needs.
  • Weights:
    • Small:19lbs. (8.6kg)
    • Medium: 24lbs. (11kg)
    • Large: 27lbs. (12.3kg)
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XTEND Style Rescue Struts (Set of Two)