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Ultimatic Dry Chem Nozzle - 25mm (1") w/ Pistol Grip

485030205 (PFP-20HPHND-2D) 4" inlet
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The dry chemical nozzle is designed for an application rate of 5 pounds per second (2.3kg/sec), utilizes the same slide-valve design as used for water application and a special front end designed for dry chemicals. The front end consists of the valve seat, a set of straightening fins, a straight through barrel section, and is designed to withstand the abrasive impact of the dry chemical agent. The nozzle operator can select from six valve settings to flow an appropriate rate of dry chemical agent up to the limit of the system. Effective reach of the cloud is 75 feet (23m) at full flow and proportionately less at partial valve settings. There is no adjustment of pattern shape. 1.0" NPT (25mm) swivel inlet is standard.

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Ultimatic Dry Chem Nozzle - 25mm (1") w/ Pistol Grip