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TFT FoamJet - Low Expansion Foam Attachment

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Make your TFT nozzle a high performance foam nozzle with the FOAMJET air-aspirating attachment. Simple, rugged and dependable, the FOAMJET can be quickly attached to your TFT nozzle. The FOAMJET provides superior foam-making ability with most foam concentrates. When used with AFFF and Class A foams, the FOAMJET can develop expansion ratios of 6:1. This thick foam blanket has better extinguishing ability and is longer lasting than foam from non-aspirated nozzles. The attachment can be easily removed in seconds for a water-only or non-aspirated stream. FOAMJET is used in straight stream position only.

Constructed of molded rubber, stainless steel, and lightweight nickle plated aluminum.


  • Quadrafog:
    • 6.5"l (16.5cm)
    • 1.2lbs. (0.5kg)
  • Mid-Matic, Mid-Force, Metro 1, Working Fire:
    • 8.5"l (21.6cm)
    • 2.6lbs. (1.2kg)
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TFT FoamJet - Low Expansion Foam Attachment