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SCBA Bracket - Parts

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Cylinder Clip - 5.25" 

  • for 5.25" SCBA bracket (30min HP cylinders).

Cylinder Clip - 6.10" to 6.75" 

  • for 6.10" to 6.75" SCBA bracket (30min LP & 45min HP cylinders).

Cylinder Clip - 7.25" 

  • for 7.25" SCBA bracket (60min HP cylinders).

Back Plate

  • for all SCBA brackets.

Foot Plate 

  • for all SCBA brackets.

Safety Strap

  • for all SCBA brackets

Safety Strap w/ Mounting Hardware

  • for all SCBA brackets.

Cradle - Universal

  • for Universal SCBA bracket only.

Safety Strap Kit

  • for all SCBA brackets.

Accessory Products

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SCBA Bracket - Parts